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Re: Random thought on an Enterprise-E series

Okay, I like this idea! A lot! To be sure, it is only a seed but a genuinely interesting seed that functions as a virtual sequel to TNG. I'd suggest calling it A New Generation (ANG).

"Female alien captain" sounds formulaic on the surface (virtually the only demographic we haven't seen yet) but doesn't that depend on execution? Consider the possibilities (and because I'm very slightly manic and like to come up with ideas):

V'Tonn (Jennifer Beals) a Vulcan whose parents were Ambassadors so in a real sense she's extremely accustomed to aliens like Humans. Yet for that very reason she holds onto the rituals of her people very closely. One quality everyone serving under her soon realizes is that she's wily. Most Vulcans excel at chess. She's superb at poker! And consider this interesting plot development--suppose one of the other senior officers begins to fall in love with their CO? Not that it would be reciprocated, but evolves into a special bond of loyalty and friendship.

Thuriall (Anna Torv) an Andorian from a military family, but also a widow. The other three in her marriage unit, all serving in Starfleet, died in the Dominion War. She longs to do something good, something life-affirming like rescuing the missing Enterprise crew, or preventing such a tragedy from ever happening again. She's a superb warrior, who genuinely never wants to fight another battle. But if need be, will do it and most likely win. Methinks she probably sets people on edge, but has brought an old friend/crewmate with her as First Officer who sometimes functions as the a filter between her prickly personality and others. Yet the more her crew gets to know her, the more polarized they become, with the vast majority showing increasing respect and loyalty.

Garian Vont (Summer Glau) a joined Trill, one of the youngest Captains in Starfleet history--unless you count the symbiont which would make her one of the oldest. Seemingly very cool, calm and collected until you realize she has a sense of humor as dry as it is razor sharp. In her more relaxed moments, she'll admit to thinking that if God exists, that being is the biggest practical joker one can imagine. She and her symbiont have actually seen a huge amount of tragedy, and together they use humor to cope.

Nomenz (Mia Kirshner) from the planet Athos IV. Athosians are a refugee species, who fled a dying system in STL ships to their new home thousands of years ago. It was barely hospitable to them and as a result they are sometimes viewed as professionally paranoid. She would say they're simply very aware of possibilities. Everyone knows however that Athosians make great allies or friends. Nomenz herself is an adventurous type, one who has been on countless survey missions but who rose via Security rather than Science or Engineering or even Tactics. That balance of intense curiosity plus caution won her this, her first command. (As I'm thinking on her, I rather like a sexual twist to her species' alienness--Athosian males are vestigal symbiotes living inside each female. So for all practical purposes Athosians all look female but are to some extent hermaphrodites.)
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