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I'm sorry but you acknowledge that Starfleet is based loosely on the Navy and "some other organizations" but you are adamant that they would change the way they address personnel because?
Nothing "adamant" about it. Starfleet does seem to be similar to several earlier organizations, but not actually the same as them. So some things are different. It's not that difficult of a concept.
It shouldn't be a difficult concept.

Person A: This guy on the left is an officer. The guy on the right is not. What do we call them?

Person B: Officers!

How does that make sense? I'm sorry but that would only convolute things.
It doesn't seem to have confused people for the past 47 years.

It's just a case of one organization having a different general term for its personnel than another. As I said a few times in an earlier post, it doesn't preclude the discussion of specific ranks when called for.
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