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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

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But that also included a ship named Enterprise. That was part of the concept and brand too, and it still is.
I would suppose that the fact they got away with changing the characters indicates pretty strongly that they could just as easily have changed the name of the ship.

The Enterprise name was still on it because the show was essentially a later morph of the Star Trek: Phase II concept, but if they'd gone ahead and named her the good ship Discovery or Endeavour or something at that time I don't think the general viewing public would have cared.
I think that's very debatable. Star Trek really took off as a globally-recognized property almost as soon as TOS ended its original NBC run and entered second-run syndication. By 1977, when Star Trek: Phase II was in early development, the Enterprise name had become a household one connected with Trek.
I think it's the heroics and the concept the general audience cares about, not the name of the ship.
You also have to have things audiences can relate to or have a fondness for, so that has to be included as an important part of the package too.
That's why name recognition didn't rescue Enterprise; it didn't have compelling protagonists or stories, that it had the "familiar" name made no difference.
Nothing could have really saved ENT (there were problems that went beyond the show), but having a ship named Enterprise didn't hurt it and likely did make it recognizable when it came time to sell the show in second-run syndication.
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