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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

I say the regular audience couldn't care less what name the ship or the main character has. The entertainment value of the package is important, not the details.

It's sad that the writers of nuTrek think differently. But logic they argue that they NEEDED to use Kirk, Spock and McCoy would make it impossible for any original stuff to be successful.

NOBODY in the audience knew the characters, ship classes and species of Avatar, for example, and those have extremely detailed backstories that the production team made up in the design process. And yet a large chunk went to see the film.

Seriously, for someone who doesn't know something, there is no difference if it is completely new or a sequel to something. There will ALWAYS be references to past stuff the audience didn't see. And it doesn't matter if that past stuff happened in a TV show, or just in the mind of the writer.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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