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Re: JJ Abrams apologizes for lens flare

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My problems with lens flare and shaky cam are that it screams camera.

Now that seems odd to say. We're watching something that was filmed on a camera. Right?

Well that's my point, I don't need to be reminded of that. Unless it's excessive, it usually isn't a bother for me (STID, I didn't notice it, ST09 was right at the edge of bugging me). If the script, acting, and all the other pieces work, I can get over poor stylistic choices most times.

Maybe cause I've watched to many straight-to-video, shot on video, B-movies, but excessive shaky cam and over the type "realism" stands out worse with digital video filmed shows and movies than it does on those shot on filmstock.
That's a good point. Is it supposed to bring the viewer into the action and make it more realistic, or is it breaking the fourth wall and reminding the viewer that he's watching a movie? To me, it's more of the latter.

I don't mind cameras "walking along" with people (I think TOS was one of the first shows to actually do that, have a camera follow characters down the corridor of the ship, I don't know) or following the action. I also don't mind shots with a lot of panning around in long takes. In fact, I rather like that. But yeah, especially in digital, shaky cam draws far too much attention to itself.
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