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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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I can't see any serious episode hunter - which is what, given the amount apparently found, is what it seems likely they are dealing with - asking for something so absurd.
I dunno. If Ian found some more you can bet he'd be asking for all sorts of non-monetary rewards. The unofficial continuity advisor position has been vacant for a long time...
Plus Shada being re-released on DVD

But it is a slightly different situation. These were found in Africa (we have to assume) by professionals who went out, spent money and - if Steve Roberts' comment about "mates risking their lives" is to be believed - hazarded their own safety to return this material. It suggests a professional approach, something Mr L could never be accused of in regards to DW. It's hard to imagine that the negotiations for episodes as yet unreturned concern anything but pecuniary matters...
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