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Re: Downton Abbey ITV1 22nd September 9pm

Well, at first he made advances though they were already accompanied by gestures of dominance like blocking Anna's way. When she made it clear that she wasn't interested and was happy with Mr. Bates he became violent.

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The whole thing was amazing well done by the actors, but completely uncomfortable to watch. I found the decision to put the scene where they did made it very powerful, but it made the enjoyment of everything else impossible in the show. It makes the scene singularly striking, but so much so that it makes the rest seem very inconsequential.
Yes, that's true. The rest of the opera singer's scene was almost unbearable to watch. And when all those cosy things like Cora and Robert having their chat in their nice bedroom happened I wanted to scream at the screen, "But what about Anna?"

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With the stigma and guilt society can, and did at the time, impose on women who've been raped, I don't know how much I want to follow this. Done well, this could get far more maddening and uncomfortable, and done poorly or in a shallow fashion will have a whole other poor reception. I didn't expect this, well done by all the actors, but I am conflicted about following this.
It's a very heavy storyline for a show like Downton. I hope they'll handle it well but it will be quite unpleasant to watch. Anna will suffer from this for a long time, especially since Mr. Green, the rapist, will in all likelihood show up in the house again, being the valet of Mary's new suitor.
The show has been anachronistic before so other characters might be more sympathetic to her and more sensitive than they would have been in reality but still. I would have preferred the usual, less realistic drama from before, to be honest.

Also, it would have been nice if Anna and Mr. Bates could just have been happy (with just the minor problems people have in marriages) after all the drama they already went through.
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