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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

I really enjoy Trek.FM's To the Journey podcast, but something that does somewhat bother me about the show is that the hosts have fallen into this mindset - one that I've also seen echoed by other Voyager fans - that emphasizes actual physical rank over 'role'. Harry not physically advancing in rank is unfortunate and is a major missed opportunity (particularly since other characters did in fact advance in rank over the course of the series), but if you actually look at the 'role' that Harry took on as the series progressed, the character was actually handled and dealt with much better than is the common perception.

Harry might've stayed an Ensign in rank for 7 seasons, but he didn't stay an Ensign in 'role', yet it's the rank thing that seems to be constantly brought up and focused on instead of it being the other way around, particularly since he seems to be the only character in any of the Star Trek series that this happens to.
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