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Star Trek Federation

Set in the Mid 26th Century, the Alpha Quadrant is a peaceful place, Starfleet has since given up it's mission of deep space exploration and seems to have lost it's curiosity of the unknown.

Starfleet Command receives a subspace message from a group of individuals claiming to be Iconians who are thought to have been extinct. They are warned that the Federation faces a new threat called 'The Purge' who are hell bent on destroying the Federation and millenia ago had destroyed most of the Iconian race.

They are given coordinates to a sector in deep space, however there are no longer commanding officers available who are capable of exploration and combat. Therefore a decision is made to develop a clone of a Starfleet Captain who commanded a starship on a deep space mission of exploration in the 23rd Century (during the Kirk-era). He is also very capable in battle as having been involved in many battles with the Klingons and Romulans.

The clone is awoken with all memories and personality of his original. He is first shocked at the news and tells them he no longer wants to be a part of Starfleet and to retire somewhere. He changes his mind when talked around by another man who will become his first officer.

The Captain selects his crew and is given a starship which is equipped with Slipstream drive and takes it in search of this species. They are given orders to stop them at any cost.

The Pilot will be up soon....
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