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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

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I've been recording this season as it went but haven't had time to watch any until now, and I'm about to watch the first ep to see how that is for myself. Anyway, I've heard the finale is variations on 'polarising', but I'm more interested in the rest of the season. Without spoiling too much, how is it? I can take a bad ending if the rest is worth watching. Just need a couple posts worth of opinions.
Meaningless and pointless. Those are the best words I can describe the final season. No matter how season eight could have played out, the writing never led there. Stuff either happens or it doesn't, and the reaction is ho hum for both the characters and the viewers.

Let's say the show ends with Deb being accused of being the Bay Harbor Butcher... or Matthews has known about Dexter this whole time and has been covering for him... or Quinn loves Deb so much he takes the fall for being the Bay Harbor Butcher... or Dexter gets away with everything only to get killed in a simple convenience store robbery... or Batista kills Dexter to avenge LaGuerta... or Harrison falls into a portal and comes back the next day as a full-grown adult who blames Dexter for Rita's death and kills him... or we find out Doakes has been turned into a robot zombie and kills Dexter out of revenge... none of it really matters because for this season, everything just kind of happens.

But if you've season seasons 1-7, I guess you're obligated to finish.
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