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Re: Best Post-Regeneration Story

Two out and out classics there with Power & Spearhead - I voted for Power as even on audio I enjoy it more than Spearhead.

A few fun but nothing special - Robot is worth it just to see Baker in a Pertwee story and how even in his first story his charisma shines through, Castrovalva has many typical Bidmead faults but I have a soft spot for it as it was only the second story I ever saw & Christmas Invasion was a great first Christmas episode - RTD expertly handled the regeneration by focusing on Rose and making you really want the Doctor to show up - the Doctor coming out of the Tardis is one of modern Who's best moments.

Then the pretty poor but entertaining in their own way - Twin Dilemma, Rani & the Movie.

Then finally the disaster of the bunch Eleventh Hour which only has a great performance from Matt Smith to keep it going - shame the material is so weak.
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