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Re: STID Federation Seal Question...

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Why didn't they just stick with the UN inspired UFP flag? No, they felt they had to "re-invent the wheel" () and you see what kind of allusions that did evoke.
As far I can see, it evoked that only for you.
Then it would seem you are rather short-sighted. Rest assured that many people here in Germany that know a few things about history had the same kind of allusions.

Of course, what applies in one country doesn't have to apply in another one. No German car buyer had issues with cars nicknamed "Jumper" or "Pajero". However, the "Jumper" didn't sell well in the UK nor did the "Pajero" in Spain...

It's again the same old "If it ain't broken, don't fix it". There had never been a discussion regarding debatable allusions of the UN or the old UFP flag.

However, the moment the introduction of a new and different element was considered (i.e. cogwheel) that should have merited some research whether the cogwheel is a universally unencumbered symbol or not (especially when you align plenty of people in military uniforms under such a flag).

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