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Re: Downton Abbey ITV1 22nd September 9pm

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I don't think you have to skip the whole thing. Most of the episode the guy is just acting like a confident douchebag like most guys do when they try to chat up women who are not interested. The way he turns violent is very sudden and jarring at the very end.
It's quite a typical situation for rape, though. Some men just can't accept no as an answer. I guess that was even more common back then than it is today.
The whole thing was amazing well done by the actors, but completely uncomfortable to watch. I found the decision to put the scene where they did made it very powerful, but it made the enjoyment of everything else impossible in the show. It makes the scene singularly striking, but so much so that it makes the rest seem very inconsequential. I couldn't watch it again.

With the stigma and guilt society can, and did at the time, impose on women who've been raped, I don't know how much I want to follow this. Done well, this could get far more maddening and uncomfortable, and done poorly or in a shallow fashion will have a whole other poor reception. I didn't expect this, well done by all the actors, but I am conflicted about following this.
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