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Re: Sorry Johnny, your ship's too small...

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If you look at the basic design of the Enteprise-E and see for example that the impulse engines are in an extremely ineffective position and angle, you realize that John Eaves just didn't give a shit about any technological considerations. So you were basically wasting a lot of time here.

You can do that with the TOS, TMP and TNG Enterprise, because it seems the people there spend a bit more thoughts about the logic of their design. But the Enterprise-E is just eye candy, nothing more.
Well, in which case I suppose he won't mind if the ship's scaled a bit larger!
I certainly won't. Apart from the fact that I absolutely loathe the Enterprise-E design, it doesn't make a lot of sense that the ship they build to replace a Galaxy class would be less than half as large and given a completely different mission.

Also... I don't suppose you could be a pal and include the Kelvin and Alt Enterprise in your volumetric analysis. The creeping nerd rage over the Reboot is strong enough that I think I may be the only person in the universe who actually bothers with it anymore.
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