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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Gotta fix the horrible audio bugs, too. Was getting really loud and obnoxious "Bonnie Kin" audio while walking through DS9. And then a bunch of audio of a female character dying. DS9 was also apparently going to red alert alot, per the audio...
I heard rumors this is triggered by players who have found a bug and exploit that. But don't know if true.

Anyway, guys, read the new Dev blog.
Golden Times ahead for us Cruiser captains!!!!
Someone snapped this on the test server, it would appear the Avenger-class battlecruiser has Vengeance-like weapon pods:

Also, the ship would appear to have a dual-neck setup like the Odyssey-class, though the gap is vastly smaller than on that vessel:
The comms array thingy is a good news for all cruiser captains. I'm looking forward to testing it out. I am also looking forward to similar promised changes for science vessels.

However I'm not sure about this new Avenger class ship. With the Battle Cruiser label, I was kinda hoping it would have a Cmdr Tactical station rather than a Cmdr Engineering station. It cuts down on the ship's combat potential. With a turn rate of 9, it is going to be the fastest turning T5 cruiser but I am not sure the ship can swivel quickly enough to bring cannons to bear. Although I suppose it makes a good dual Aux2Bat candidate.
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