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Re: Ugly Things That Ruin a Show

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The Silly hats and a lot of the costumes in the Dune miniseries are very distracting. Most people who have seen it seem to agree.
I agree that the hats are ridiculous, but at least they're not as bad as black rubber stillsuits. Some of the actors just about died of heatstroke, trying to cope with wearing those things in the desert.

As for the funny hats, I just chalk that up to a future society where the aristocracy has all these servants and slaves to do their work for them, so they never need to worry about wearing anything practical.

One of the ugly-things-in-tv-shows that I recall is the colorized versions of some of the old Richard Greene "Robin Hood" series. I loved that program when I was a kid, and enjoyed it even more as an adult - in black and white. I saw some colorized episodes, though, and the first thing that came to mind was, "Grown men just don't wear that shade of green! They wouldn't be caught dead in it!"

(any grown men here who wish to contradict me, go ahead...)

Something else that would dissuade me from watching a show: ugly voices/accents. There are some kinds of accents that I can't stand hearing, and if a character on a show has that kind of accent or a particularly scratchy or shrill voice, I won't watch it.
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