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Re: Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

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It's way too early to say the season is bad. I mean, the season's gimmicks are bad, yes. The only show-ruiner left pathetically though and IMO there's good enough people to make the second half of the game interesting.

When are the producers going to learn that EVERY time they do returning castmembers against new people the returning castmembers will dominate completely?

If it were up to me they'd either do all returning or none returning and nothing in between.
I missed several seasons, due to not having a TV. I can't remember the last season they did with 100% new people.

Spot's Meow wrote: View Post
I think that while returnees should have been on the tribe opposite their own loved one, they could have at least had each tribe be half and half. Half returnees, half the other returnees loved ones. Oh well.

I think this will be an interesting season. Survivor is one of those shows that gets better as the season goes on, so you can't judge too harshly based on just a couple of episodes. Unlike Big Brother, which is good at the beginning, then great in the middle, then kind of boring at the end (except for this season, which sucked from beginning to end).
The original plan was to have one tribe with married/engaged couples and one tribe with "related by blood" couples. This fell apart when one of the teams had to drop out for medical reasons and the alternate team upset the balance. The producers quickly changed it around so there would be a returning player tribe and a "loved one" tribe.
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