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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

I went to the Cowboys/Broncos game sunday and all I can say is that I hate fellow Cowboys fans more than any other fanbase. I love Romo. His biggest problem is that he plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He put the team on his back when nobody gave the Cowboys a shot against Denver and all I heard walking out of the stadium was that we needed to fire our QB who just turned in one of the best games since the introduction of the forward pass.

That team never does a damn thing to take anything off his plate. He's been shit on for the last 8 years by the media and his own fanbase and yet still suits up every Sunday and gives the team a shot. When is the last time he played an ok game and the defense bailed him out or maybe Demarco Murray took some of the pressure off. Romo is sitting at 12 TD's and 2 INT's with a QBR of 114 right now and they are 2-3 on the season. Meanwhile, Rob Ryan is laughing his ass off in New Orleans right now as the 70 year old Monte Kiffin has just endured the third game of the season in which his defense has given up over 400 yards passing. Part of me wants Romo to go somewhere else where he doesn't have to put up with this shit.

The guy has nerves of steel playing the most scrutinized position in the NFL on one of the most hated franchises in the NFL. Nobody would give him shit if he had played the same way for the Bengals the last 8 years. He had five 4th Quarter come from behind wins last year and has 18 in his career but you will never find anybody willing to acknowledge any of those. You're alright Tony.

I'm sorry but I just can't go back to that awful QB merry-go-round of Quincy Carter, Vinny Testeverde, Drew Bledsoe, Chad Hutchinson and Drew Henson.

End Rant.
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