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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

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No, I'm saying that it's the general public that associates the Enterprise with Star Trek, which makes its necessary for "the money people" to continue using the name.
Ah. Okay, well, I think that's wrong. Although it would have been a solid fact in 1987.
It's a solid fact in 2013.
Although in fairness, the belief in the Enterprise's necessity to any Trek pitch is still very widespread.
Singer's pitch seems to fall into the idea (covered in the rest of my post) of using the Enterprise to kick off a new era after a period of time has passed.

The same was true of the aborted Star Trek: Final Frontier animated web series proposal. Although it featured a 25th-Century in which Starfleet had moved away from the traditional saucer-based designs of centuries earlier and towards more utilitarian (i.e., more rugged, less pretty) designs, with the Enterprise being a key example of this new philosophy.
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