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I had an iPhone 4s for almost 2 years, and then lost it 2 weeks before the new phones were announced. So, while waiting to get a new phone I went back to my 3G. It was a total nightmare . It's amazing how many changes I've become accustomed to these past two years. Needless to say, that trip back to iOS 5 has made me more appreciative of iOS 7 than I think I would have been otherwise.

I actually like most of the design elements, the colors of the icons are a bit much, but I love the imessage and text message colors. I also love the stripped down display on the phone. As for battery life, my 5s is obviously more advanced than my 4s, but I'm now able to make it through a full day with about 50% charge left, previously on a slow work day I'd have to recharge by lunch.

My biggest complaint is that I really preferred the swipe left for the search bar to the swipe up. Maybe it's just muscle memory, but why change that? What was the reason?
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