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Re: Second try finishing STID...better this time around.

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I actually preferred the lighting and how they made the sets look starkly different from TNG sets in GEN. It certainly wasn't the best TNG movie outing, but IMO it was the best looking of the four movies.
I tend to agree with this assessment -- the production had the incomparable Oscar-winning cinematographer John Alonzo (who lensed, among many other films, Chinatown and Harold and Maude) at its service, which gave the picture a lush, visually-sumptuous look that none of the other TNG films came close to recreating.

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In the Generations commentary, it is stated that the production of All Good Things and Generations took place simultaneously.
More like "Generations" was in pre-production while "All Good Things..." was in production.
Not quite correct -- Generations began principal photography in March, 1994, while the final episodes of TNG were still in production, with the opening sequences set aboard the Enterprise-B, Kirk's deleted spacediving scenes, etc., so there was definitely some actual production-overlap going on.

By the time "All Good Things..." wrapped, the TV cast was given two or three days off, and then shooting resumed on the bulk of the 24th Century scenes of the film.
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