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Re: Downton Abbey ITV1 22nd September 9pm

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Ok, tonight's episode was ridiculous. Is Anna really afraid of that guy or that Bates would really go to prison for killing him?!
Ridiculous? I was going to come on here and praise the show for one of the most realistic reactions to trauma we've seen yet. "Tell nobody and then it didn't happen" is a very common initial response to that sort of brutal crime as is a fear of healthy intimacy. They've started down a difficult road on that plot, I hope they have the guts to follow it through.
I guess im just tired of the typical woman in distress but doesnt want anything done about it. There is probably a much better way to phrase what I am trying to say, but im tired and havent eaten yet.

It was a good episode and I also agree that they will hopefully follow through (and quickly, not lets wait two more episodes and deal with it). Ridiculous was not the right word to use, thinking about it now.
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