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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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And yeah, it's everyone else replying that's committed the greater incivility. My own negative remarks are directed toward the individuals associated with the movie itself. I'm not flaming or trolling anyone who likes it. Just because I think the 2009 movie was stupid, that doesn't mean I think the fans are also stupid. I'm fully aware that I like books and movies that other people don't.

BTW, there have been plenty of people coming in to the Voyager forum just to rant on about how much they dislike that series. Have I gone on a rampage of trolling them?

No, I have not.
While it can be annoying to have a lot of people reacting negatively to your opinions, it doesn't automatically become trolling. And up until today's posts everything in this thread has been civil.

You are entitled to have your opinions and post them, everyone else is equally entitled to have theirs and post theirs. We won't all agree. It's important for everyone to stay polite and enjoy the conversation.

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You really shouldn't make unfounded assumptions. See the attached screenshot. It's my understanding that only paid members get to see and post in the premium members' lounge.
Well I guess I stand corrected and that explains the self entitlement that blares from every single one of your posts you write.
You're crossing the line into getting personal, Dimesdan, the self entitlement comment isn't warranted.

Now, let's get back to poking fun at Greg Cox for daring to put Voyager within a TOS novel (Something I'm really intrigued by...)
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