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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

BigJake wrote: View Post
* How could claiming U.S.S. Enterprise as a CBS trademark possibly work? Isn't it the name of multiple actual naval vessels and space vehicles? Doesn't seems to me like it should withstand a challenge...
It only pertains to intellectual properties. It won't prohibit the U.S. Navy or anyone other real-life organization from naming a ship the Enterprise. It will, though, stop some other entertainment studio, network, or company from creating a sci-fi series with their own starship/spaceship called the Enterprise (and more importantly, from making any merchandising money off it).

David.Blue wrote: View Post
Methinks C.E.Evans is saying the money people, those who back new t.v. series, they're the ones assuming the name Enterprise is so necessary.
No, I'm saying that it's the general public that associates the Enterprise with Star Trek, which makes its necessary for "the money people" to continue using the name. Like it or not, the Enterprise is a permanent fixture of the Star Trek Universe, and there never will be a time in which the name will be retired forever. We can have spinoff shows with other ships or whatever, but if you're going to kick off a brand-new era of Trek (be it a new century or a reboot), it'll definitely start off with the Enterprise.
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