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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

The funny thing is while my design evokes MJ's design there are no interchangeable parts and my pre TOS design is more compact and a bit clunkier (for lack of a better term). One thing I do find interesting is how I like the nav-deflector dome. MJ originally planned for some kind of dome but a parabolic antenna design came into play instead. We're used to the antenna now, but what if the dome idea had stuck? I know I had to play around with the shape to get something that seemed to work right, but maybe they didn't hit on the right shape with a dome and so went with an antenna.

Right now I'm playing with colours and materiels. For the main overall hull colour I'm going with a slightly darker grey than the pics show above and with just a hint of cyan to the colour to evoke the TOS hull colour which was grey with a hint of green in the paint under the right lighting.

The nacelles domes apparently were not pure red, but had a measure of wine/magenta to them so I'm trying to evoke that too.

One thing I'm definitely not bothering with is trying to mimic the gridlines no matter how faint. I've never really liked the look of them and they would be a bitch to pull off I think.

The Deadelus concept just doesn't work for me no matter how much I try to play with it. I come to the same conclusion MJ did that when you stick a sphere into the design it immediately looks clunky and awkward.
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