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I voted middle of the road for a couple of reasons:

- The GUI is very cheap looking, with some elements looking like they've been taken straight out of Android. The font is too thin; I've turned on bold text to make it better. I much preferred the GUI of iOS 6.
- The double click to get the recent/active song on the lock screen has been moved to the control centre, which is slower to get to.
- I find the swipe up to activate the camera on the lock screen is very hit and miss. Sometimes it takes ages to swipe to get it working.
- The keypad to unlock my phone sometimes doesn't accept the keystrokes despite flashing to say they have.

- The control centre is a great system, although on my phone the swipe up to get to it sometimes doesn't work first, second, seventh time, etc.
- Progress bar slider for songs in the lock screen is something I've wanted for ages.
- More than 12 items in a folder.
- Can hide the newsstand folder!!
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