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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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As for Bacco's assassination, it has allowed the authors to maneuver a Bajoran into the role of President Pro-Tem. That could not have happened short of Bacco's either resigning or dying. Resigning would contradict her established character too much, so she has to die.
I still think you're assuming a conflict I don't think is in evidence. We don't know that the motivation was to tell a story about an asshole President, and that Nan had to go to make that work; it's just as likely that the story they wanted to tell was itself the death of Nan Bacco and the fallout that results. The series is entitled The Fall, after all.

[Also, they already did a "President Evil" storyline -- nine years ago, with A Time to Kill and A Time to Heal. If that were just the whole goal, it's a bit of a retread.]

To me, it looks a lot like the idea was, in essence, to do a sort of Star Trek version of JFK meets Macbeth. Deep Space 9 is Dallas, Nan is Duncan. If my suspicion is correct, perhaps Ishan is Macbeth/Stone's version of Lyndon B. Johnson? We'll see.

I don't remember who first mentioned it upthread, but with all the extensive security precautions they were taking, WHY was there no physical shield between speakers and audience???
Why was there no physical barrier between George W. Bush and the man who threw a shoe at him?

Because sometimes there's a point where it's no longer reasonable to keep adding security precaution after security precaution, and a potential assassination is just the risk you take.
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