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Re: JJ Abrams apologizes for lens flare

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The lens flares and shaky cam will definitely dating these films the most. The last decade in film and TV consists of truly bad cinematography, hiding behind the term "stylistic device". Shaky cam, over and underexposure, extreme noise, zooming, bad framing of shots. Not something to be proud of.

Decades went into the development of camera stabalization and lens flare reduction techniques. And todays DPs just say "fuck it" and make ugly images intentionally. I hate it.
Didn't this crap start with Cloverfield?

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those petty and mean spirited Trekkies out there that hate his movies just because
As one of those "petty" and "mean spirited" people who refuse to pretend bad filmmaking is good filmmaking, I am pleased to report that Abrams has failed to infuriate me. I actually find the "admitting you're an addict is the first step toward recovery" comment quite funny.

It does make me wonder, though, if Abrams has now birthed a new generation of rabid fandom who will see future movies by other directors and complain: "Where's the trademark lens flare that made the old movies great? This just doesn't feel like Trek to me."
You KNOW this is coming.

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He knows he cannot use them in Star Wars without drawing comparisons to his Trek so this is a preemptive explanation for their absence in SW.
He cannot do anything without drawing comparisons to his Trek. You heard it here first.

I'm already looking forward to that. Trek fans complaining about the great stuff in Wars and why he didn't do that in Trek. Or Wars fans complaining why he did do some stuff in Trek and not in Wars. And the complaining why he did the same stuff he did in Trek also in Wars.
This too. Anyone wanna speculate on how many Trek vs Wars threads we'll see here? Might even warrant a separate forum.
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