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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

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But to then have a different book or books spoiled isn't right. People go into that thread knowing what to expect. They don't go in expecting a different book or books to be openly spoiled.
And there are guidelines in place for that. Which most people follow very well.

The only other way to improve things would be for every entry made by members to be approved by a Mod before it is published in public. And that would require a rostered staff of paid employees, 24 hours a day, would it not?

Am I correct in remembering that you devour each book, in eBook form, the moment they are published, and the chance of you, personally, getting spoiled is practically zero?
I do keep up. But there are a number of older books that I have not yet read. I've read most Star Trek books for sure though and chances are, a spoiler won't be about what I've not read.

But I'm not really worried about myself. I'm more concerned about others who have not yet read much or have a lot unread. It is unfair to divulge spoilers (out in the open) for books not part of the threads topic. That would be like a thread about A Stitch in Time and someone posting open spoilers for The Crimson Shadow.
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