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Re: Do you like the Spock Prime "Phone a friend" scene?

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I always love seeing Nimoy on screen.
The more the better.
And I think Spock Prime should be helping them more eg giant amoeba thingy, Deneva, Romulus, the whales, the 3 Earth probes. He could save billions. Sort of make up for Vulcan.
Yes, when the name of the game is giving the audience what it wants, yes. Nimoy's surprise cameo in STID was a bonus, a feel good moment for fans old and new. As for what we did and didn't see on screen in terms of what was said, I believe much more was said AFTER the scene ended. There's no way any officer would leave a conversation of that importance that vague.

Not sure I'm with you on the help on other missions and crises. Remember Nimoy's line from 09, something to the effect, of "I could not deprive you of all you would discover together, of a friendship which will define you both". He won't help them through every crisis any more than he didn't beam onto Enterprise and tell nuSpock to give nuKirk command. Plot short circuits aside, Spock Prime just can't be the crutch through every problem the nuCrew faces. There's no growth there.
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