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Last Tuesday, I began riding my recumbent bike after living in fear of it for a while. It seems that whenever I try certain exercises, I end up at the chiropractor after a couple of weeks because my back and legs get seriously unhappy. You see, I have something in my legs that is best described as a birth defect. We didn't find out until I was almost 29 that my legs are too straight and that my muscles have overcorrected for every injury I ever had. So when I've tried to exercise ever since said birth defect kicked in when I was 27, the results have not been good.
All of that said, I am pleased to announce that last Tuesday, I moved the recumbent stationary bike into the computer alcove in my house. I turned on an episode of Star Trek The Animated Series and began riding. In the past week, I've ridden 18 miles!
ETA: Today's ride was almost 6 miles!

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