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Re: STID Federation Seal Question...

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Well, when I saw the new UFP flag I immediately felt some discomfort and needed to track it down.

Why didn't they just stick with the UN inspired UFP flag? No, they felt they had to "re-invent the wheel" () and you see what kind of allusions that did evoke.

You might be the first to have come up with that particular allusion. If indeed allusion it be - honestly, I think to draw that connection is stretching things a bit far.
I'm guessing from Bob's location as "USS Berlin" and from earlier comments that he's from Germany, so he might be a bit more sensitive than the rest of us to that kind of related imagery. But yeah, for the rest of us, I'm pretty sure there's nothing more to it than an interesting design deviation.
I'm pretty sure you're right about the location, and I do understand the reasons why certain symbols carry extra freight there. However, I still maintain that it's a reach too far. With the exception of the gear wheel device—which has itself been shown in this thread to be far from an unusual feature in seals and emblems national, civic, and fraternal—the two flags have nothing whatsoever in common.

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