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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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Well I guess I stand corrected and that explains the self entitlement that blares from every single one of your posts you write.

I sincerely doubt you've read every single one of my posts. And I formed my opinion of nuTrek long before even considering becoming a paid member here.
Here, the spoiler thread and a few other threads, you give off a very negative impression.
I probably give negative impressions if I'm posting about something I don't like.

The opposite tends to be true if it's about something I do like, or if it's one of the very long story threads (where you post 5 words at a time), a caption thread, etc. I was quite enthusiastic about posting in the Shouting Spock thread, and used to enter some of the avatar contests.

As I said, I sincerely doubt you've read all of those.
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