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Re: Best Post-Regeneration Story

I can't believe I'm voting for Matt Smith, but Eleventh Hour is one of the only ones which didn't suck. Also one of the only Smith stories I actually like. :P I don't know why you put Power of the Daleks on there though, as it's all missing.

*Spearhead was okay. One of the better ones. Still a bit long winded mind you.
*Robot was also one of the better ones. Still not that good though
*Casserole or whatever was just awful. Especially disappointing after two such good episodes.
*Twin Dilemma is not as bad as people say. Better than Davison's first. Still pretty bad though.
*Haven't seen Rani, but Pip & Jane Baker's writing it, it has the Rani in it, and everyone else hates it so it's just got to be bad.
*The Enemy Within is my favourite, but as a post regeneration's more of a pilot for a new show than introducing a new doctor. Plus not a proper send of for the previous doctor.
*Christmas Invasion was also shit. For one main reason. THE DOCTOR WASN'T EEN IN IT!!!! He appeared for like the last ten or so minutes and the first five. That's it. A shame, such good villains, but yet everything else was so bad. An episodes with a new doctor and he is barley in it. Pathetic. Great way to introduce a new doctor and help people get over the loss of such a good previous doctor. No wonder it took me so long to even like Tennant, let alone rate him over Eccleston.
*Eleventh Hour is the only post regeneration story I can say is very good, and also one of my top ten Smith stories, then again that's because most others are shit (and the entire series went down hill from there on.) Good acting, great way to introduce a new doctor, and I like the lack of the sonic. Now it's way too overused.
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