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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Apollo's lightning bolts.
B is for Baseball. Gone in the 23rd Century. Back in the 24th.
C is for Camus II, a site of Federation archaeological expeditions.
D is for Daystrom Institute.
E is for the Earth Cargo Authority.
F is for Ferengi Alliance.
G is for Garak's tailor shop on the Promenade.
H is for Holo-porn addiction.
I is for Ion Storms. Don't activate transporters during one.
J is for Julian Bashear. And James Bond. Same initials. Coincidence?
K is for Klingon D7 Battle Cruisers.
L is for Life-forms.
M is for the Mutara Sector.
N is for Nagilum.
O is for Odona of Gideon. She of fancy dresses and much amnesia.
P is for Pakleds.
Q is for Q's purple lips.
R is for Rokeg blood pie.
S is for Seven of Nine. 'Resistance is Futile.' Resist? Hell. I'm volunteering!
T is for Trilithium.
U is for the U.S.S. prefix in the names of most Federation starships throughout history.
V is for Valeris, otherwise known as !Saavik.
W is for William Shatner.
X is for the Xindi Council's plan to destroy Earth and thus save themselves.
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