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Re: UT: TFV-The Quality of Mercy

The classic fanboy argument distilled into an in-universe discussion. Classic. And I love the fact that they settled on Harriman as the best Enterprise captain. Seemingly the most underwhelming choice possible.

It's obvious however that these aren't real fanboys and girls. If they were they would have known that they didn't wear miniskirt uniforms on the Enterprise-A. Honest mistake.

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Wow, how come I've never read anything by you before? This is great!! I see you've posted more in this forum, but do you have a place online where your writing is gathered, without posts from other members in between?
We were working on a United Trek story archive from which any past UT story could be easily accessed from. Unfortunately those efforts have stalled at the moment. With Darkush's permission I can make some of his stories in PDF format available via Dropbox and save the links here for you to download.
Visit for original fan-fiction e-books for your preferred e-reader.

Now with a complete United Trek story archive.
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