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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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That's all true, in principle. But the idea of the story was that Kirk wasn't thinking solely about the mission, but was using the mission as an excuse to get his command back. Everyone else kept telling him that it was a mistake for him to kick Decker out of the center seat, and they were proved right when Decker needed to countermand Kirk's misguided phaser order during the wormhole incident. The arc of the story, at least its first half, is largely about Kirk coming to recognize how his obsession blinded him.
One wonders though why Admiral Nogura (who is also a noticeably absent presence in the movie given how often he's mentioned in the first quarter of the film) would go along with demoting Kirk (and Decker) and giving him command of the ship instead of simply putting him in command of the mission?

As a side note Christopher...I did appreciate the fact that in Ex Machina you explained that V'ger activated some sort of transporter device at the end as an explanation of what happened to it. It always seemed strange that a film that was leaning toward harder scifi seemed to have an almost mystical ending with the ship vanishing.

Other anomalies/observations...

1) Why weren't more of the aliens depicted in the RecDeck scene used in other places in the film? The Rec Deck scene gives the impression of a fairly diverse crew for the Enterprise, yet once she is underway, just about all of the aliens disappear

2) Computers and telepathy would not seem to go together...yet Spock is sensing emotion from a machine. Now admittedly, spok was able to do that to Nomad back on the show ( the very story TMP seems to be modeled on)...but it does seem weird for a telepath to be able to sense a machine. Since telepathy falls into the realm of magic, I suppose that it does not have to be logical.

3) Is there any rationale for the color of the deflector dish. It seems to alternate between blue and amber at random points in the film.
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