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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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6) This is more of a trektech nitpick but it seems reasonable to point out....V'ger obviously has some form of FTL propulsion in order for it to cross the vastness of space. Indeed it arrives in Earth orbit from Klingon space in mere days. Yet oddly enough, both the Klingons and the Enterprise approach V'ger at impulse. How are they not getting "run over."
I've always seen this as the Enterprise circling around the behemoth cloud and approaching it from behind. Considering the Enterprise pierces the last of the cloud only to close in on V'Ger's aft section, this seems to be supported.
In the novel, the "conic section flight path" Kirk orders in the film is explained exactly an intercept as you described. Enterprise approached the cloud, then flew around (always pointing her bow at the cloud) then came up from behind - as this would appear to be the least aggressive approach.

I'm not sure how much we should think about the whole "warp field/bubble" thing, as it is largely a TNG invention. In TMP, what we do see is that the inboard regions of Enterprise's warp engines are lit up blue when she has the warp engines engaged. The engines are lit blue for the entire V'ger flyover sequence until they shut the engines down after being seized by V'ger's tractor beam, which would indicate she was under her own power flying "at warp". So pretty deft handling of the ship by Mr. Sulu to put her within 500 meters of another object while both are traveling at Warp Seven.
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