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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

AudioBridge said:
Vektor, I've been a huge fan of this design. Hell, I think it has the potential to look better than the 1701-D. But it's going south now, my friend. To me, you've added a lot of unneeded detail. The smooth pylons on the version earlier in this thread look much better to me. Clean, strong, etc. Just my two cents
I completely disagree. The new vents add some much-needed detail to those areas. The NCC-1701 Enterprise has vents on her pylons, so it makes perfect sense that the Grandeur would have a similar feature. (In fact, the Grandeur's make more sense since they are angled towards the tail end of the ship; the Enterprise vents pointed towards each other, which wouldn't make much sense if they were supposed to serve some sort of venting function!) They fit in very nicely with the "swoop" of the pylons (in fact, they now make those "fins" on the pylons seem almost superfluous, if you ask me).

I'm glad that Vektor is keeping them, because they look just right to me. :thumbsup:
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