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Re: Where'd This Phase II Cutaway Come From...?

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Mike Okuda can alter the canon during Remastering; therefore, he is still creating the canon, if only in the tiniest ways. He did replace the Okudagram in "The Naked Now" with one of the TOS ship as opposed to the TMP ship. He did replace the Clare Raymond family tree, thus providing us with a number of canon dates. All that is canon and it was created recently, not in 1987.
Canon is the broad strokes, not the details. Any long-running canon has contradictions in its details building up over time (is it James R. Kirk or James T. Kirk?), so to argue whether one tiny detail is "canon" or not is applying the label on a far more reductionistic level than is meaningful. The canon is the conjectural reality being depicted in the stories we're told. But any story is filtered through the interpretations of the teller, so different stories about the same reality will have discrepancies between them. Canon is in the whole, not the parts.

And I'm not saying that I need a license for imagination in general, but I do need one to create official, licensed Star Trek.
But as far as I know, you're not doing so. You're a fan making conjectures on a bulletin board. So you're free to imagine whatever you want.

Fan-fiction is only being tolerated by CBS, presumably for good PR. Most writers of original works aren't too thrilled about it. However, reporting on a text and analyzing the text as written, without contributing anything original to it, is as legal as literary analysis. I prefer to remain in that realm.
You're worrying over nothing. If you try to write fiction based on a copyrighted universe (i.e. stories with plots and characters) and market it for profit, that's illegal, because then you're competing directly with the intellectual property. But if you just talk and speculate about the ideas behind show on a public forum with other fans, that's just part of being a fan. It's part of what promotes the show and builds a community of supporters for it.
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