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Re: The amount of continuity porn in a Cox novel

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So I"m 1\3rd of the way through the Q Continuum Trilogy..

Holy crap. I'm a Trek fan buy my knowledge isnt any where near the sheer amount of references, one liners and inside jokes these books have.

What does everyone think about this book? I just finished the first one and the only thing I've learned is that Lem Fal is crazy, Barclay's still a dolt, the Calamarain are protecting the Barrier, and Q has obviously locked 0 inside.

That's a lot of padding for a trilogy. Hope things pick up with Book Two.

The Q Continuum Trilogy is three of my favorite Star Trek books ever. I was already a huge Q fan, and this was just a great trilogy. They weren't the first great Q books (that honor would probably go to Q-Squared), but I'd say that they're even better than Q-Squared and I,Q which are two other great ST books. I'm a fan of continuity, although thats not what I think make these books great (although I do like getting an actually interesting context for the "god" in Star Trek V). It was just a great read from beginning to end.
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