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Re: Where'd This Phase II Cutaway Come From...?

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Where did I said that Okuda was dictating the direction of the franchise? I'm talking about the ability to canonize one word onscreen.
"The ability to canonize" implies some kind of overarching authority. It's also a complete misunderstanding of what canon is. Canon is not a seal of approval or a policy declaration. It's simply a descriptive term referring to the original body of work itself as distinct from derivative or licensed creations. Nobody decides what is canon and what isn't. The core creation is the canon by definition. Anything outside it is non-canon by definition. Canon doesn't mean right or real or superior or important. It's just another word for the work itself. When someone, such as Mike Okuda, is employed in the creation of that work, then anything he creates for it is part of the canon. But when he or I or another author creates something for a derivative work such as a tie-in book, then that creation is not part of the canon, because it's not part of the core work. Those are just two ways of saying the same thing.

And if something different happens, then it happens; analysis deals in probabilities, and there is great likelyhood of the TMP ship being canonized as Constitution-class (assuming it wasn't already, in a screen graphic I'm not aware of).
I see no such likelihood. There is no new canon being created in the Prime timeline, nor is there currently any reason to expect there to be. The precedent has been set for creating new Trek in a new, separate timeline, which gives the creators the advantage to be unrestricted by the accumulated baggage of past continuity and reinvent things however they want. It seems likely to me that future Trek creators would embrace the same freedom, either continuing to develop the Abramsverse, establishing another alternate timeline, or just abandoning the "timeline" pretense altogether and straight-up rebooting the franchise. I'd say the odds of any further Prime-universe canon being established are pretty slim.

I'm not trying to be imaginative or creative, since I don't have the legal license for that; tie-in writers get it to a degree, and the series/movie writers to a much greater degree.
What are you talking about? "Legal license?" You think someone needs to give you permission to use your imagination? That is just sad. This is recreation. It's play. You're allowed to have fun with it. I get paid to play with these toys, and that means I have to work within certain limits. But as long as you're not trying to sell something for a profit, as long as you're just exploring a fictional universe for the sake of enjoyment, you're free to imagine whatever you want. That's the purpose of fiction. It's not about imposing control on you and restricting your imagination. That is getting the whole concept of fiction completely, tragically backwards. Fiction is supposed to inspire your imagination, to make you want to think and wonder and create beyond the letter of the page. And nobody's going to stop you or punish you for doing so. Sure, there's only one official version of the universe, more or less, but that's why it can be fun to imagine other possible interpretations, as fanfiction and pastiche authors have been doing for generations. Whether it's "real" or not is gloriously irrelevant, because the "real" version isn't real either. It's all just made-up stories. So just relax and let yourself play with ideas however you want. You're not taking a test. You're not being graded. You don't have to earn anyone's approval. Just have fun.
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