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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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Just outta curiosity... what is the "average Star Trek fan"? Because I see a *lot* of diversity in fandom, here and elsewhere.
The average Star Trek fan is the one who doesn't take this stuff so seriously that they want warning labels on the cover of novels warning them that the novel contains "nuTrek" references.

Maybe we should demand warning labels on all Trek novels that reference other parts of the franchise? That way I can steer clear of all TOS novels that might have a line or two referencing Enterprise.

I think the idea is ludicrous and anyone suggesting it may not have a firm grip on reality.
Remember the days when non-fans thought average Star Trek fans were people who always ran around wearing costumes, Spock ears, and waved phasers or flashed Vulcan salutes?

No? Maybe it takes an "old woman" to remember that, and that we were not thought of as people who could have a civil conversation. I haven't seen much civil conversation in this thread lately.

Well, then maybe you should all go back to the Neutral Zone where you are apparently allowed to flame me incessantly and speculate on my RL politics, mental health, and where the moderators feel free to join in.

BTW, it was Greg Cox who suggested the warning labels. I'm not aware that he has a problem grasping reality.

And the rest of you are apparently incapable of grasping sarcasm.
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