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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x15 "Yesterday's Enterprise"

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You already had all of the regulars on the very same ship, after 30 years of alternate war timeline.
There was no Troi.
Makes total sense to me. When the Federation is at an all out war and everyone is fighting almost every day with the threat of inevitable defeat looming in the distance, there shouldn't be any counselors on board. But when the Federation is not at war and everyone is so happy, so angelic, so godlike, a ship's counselor is not only essential, they absolutely have to have a front row seat right next to the Captain at all times!

I also believe that Wesley was originally not meant to be in this episode. After all, he couldn't be more then 18-20 when he was onboard, and the war started 22 years ago, some 2-4 years before he was born. Not only would things be different, but Beverly's husband should also be alive. I guess when Gene Roddenberry gave his blessings to shoot this story, he had one demand and one demand only.... Yep! Wesley Crusher has to be on the bridge in the altered time line. We all know that Gene wants us to believe that Wesley is the Jesus of Star Trek where every character thinks so very highly of him, but I think this demand backfired in a way Gene didn't anticipate. Think about it. If Gene honestly tries to depict Wesley as being the character who can do anything to save the day, why put him in a reality where the Federation is losing a war? Doesn't the fact that he's not saving the whole Federation from the Klingon's kind of downplays his holiness? His place in the episode feels so shoehorned in he's practically a nobody. Sure, one might say that Wesley was drafted into the War, but shouldn't there be some tension between him and his mother serving on a battleship?
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