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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

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How many Avatars do we know of that actually had kids?
Off the top of my head just Aang (obviously) and Roku (Zuko's maternal ancestor.) I don't think there's any mention of Kyoshi even having a husband and while it's possible Kuruk had kids before his wife/lover had her face stolen, I don't think any are mentioned.

Based on that admittedly limited sample size, we can conclude that no Avatar we know of has produced offspring that has shown a bending talent other than that of their or their partner's birth nation.
Myabe that's why Bumi is a "Squib"? He looks like an Earthbender, but, has no bending abilities, maybe because he doesn't come from Earthbending parents?
I think Bumi being a non-bender probably just means he has the same latent gene as Sokka and Hakoda. As for his face, if you look at the design of older Sokka, you'll see much more of a resemblance. It may also be relevant that just like Kya, Bumi has inherited Katara's darker skin tone while Tenzin has Aang's lighter skin.
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