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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

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Though wonder how much longer this show can go on though? After they deal with Peter Pan then whats next?
I'm betting the end of the season they'll return to Storybrooke and find that it's disappeared or all the fairytale people have gone and it's populated with Earth people, or something like that.

I thought this week's episode was okay. It was a bit strange being back in old fairytale world, and mostly it was filler and predictable, but I do love seeing Regina in full evil queen mode.

Hook's little barbs are awesome. I liked Emma coming to terms with her being an orphan, really enjoyed that scene, and I like the bit afterward with Pan telling her that Henry hasn't forgiven her for abandoning him. I got a kick out of the mention of Rufio as well.

When the little doll fell from the sky I thought it was going to be Tinkerbell. I didn't like the Rumple bits too much, felt quite repetitive and it doesn't seem like he's actually doing anything on the island. I did like him cutting off his shadow though.

Another thing I didn't like was David being hit by the arrow and then not telling anyone. That's worthy of a
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