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Re: What Happens After Death

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Have you ever met a person with dementia? Stroke? Amnesia? Yes, we know personality changes (to varying degrees) when memories are destroyed. Have you ever met anyone with Alzheimers? Personality changes are one of the major symptoms!
How much of it is a true personality change and how much of it is the result of the struggle? If you restore the abilities to memorize things, to speak, to walk, eat, shit, etc... is the personality restored as well? Would it stay altered? Or can you turn Ghandi into Hitler just by replacing his memories?
Depends on the case study. Brains are extremely complex and sensitive things. They can change drastically due to slight alteration, but can also repair amazingly well. There are thousands, if not millions of case studies showing how people's personality changes due to injury or disease of the brain. Again, you are simply ignorant of the decades of research, both experimental and in the form of case studies, and presuming everyone else must be as well. That's just not the case, this is basic psychology -- like, psych 101 in 1955 basic.
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Not good enough yet, and it hasn't been used yet to test it.
Maybe you should read the articles before you make stupid claims. Or did you read those articles in the two minutes it took you to reply to my post? Amazing! If those three aren't enough evidence for you (and I'll except that, three studies isn't a lot, those were just the first three that showed up.) I'd be happy to share some more. There are at least 100 here. And here are some blog posts by Yale neurologist, Dr Steven Novella, which cite even more. Or you could get a basic psych text book. Or, you know, google it. You don't even need to directly manipulate the brain to implant false memories. Researches implanted false memories of a hot air balloon ride in subjects just by showing them a photoshopped image of themselves as children in a balloon. This has been proved over and over. Read the research before you claim it's "not good enough." Shit, I was doing memory alteration experiments as a freaking undergrad in brain science. This is really, really basic stuff.

Get back to me after you've read at least something on the subject of psychology or brain function, because you have no idea what you're talking about.

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