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Re: What Happens After Death

Have you ever met a person with dementia? Stroke? Amnesia? Yes, we know personality changes (to varying degrees) when memories are destroyed. Have you ever met anyone with Alzheimers? Personality changes are one of the major symptoms!
How much of it is a true personality change and how much of it is the result of the struggle? If you restore the abilities to memorize things, to speak, to walk, eat, shit, etc... is the personality restored as well? Would it stay altered? Or can you turn Ghandi into Hitler just by replacing his memories?

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Not good enough yet, and it hasn't been used yet to test it. We could treat PTSD patients with that. Or open up an entirely new door for psychology. Can you treat social anxiety by implanting memories of successful situations in social environments?

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And who knows, with all that dark matter and dark energy shit, can we really say for certain that a soul isn't something that we cannot measure just yet?
The thing about dark matter is that we know it is there by inference. We can measure its gravitational effects on the rest of the universe.

But souls? There is zero effect that we can measure anywhere. Not directly, not by inference, nothing. If they were an energy, chances are we could measure it. The kind of souls that transcend the body are just made up.
Well, because there is so much of it that it shows huge gravitational effects. But on a small scale, directly in front of your nose? We assume that dark matter is around here as as well, we cannot see or interact with it.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.

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