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Re: What Happens After Death

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There is so much fascinating stuff that we can't know yet because we don't have the technology to make systematic tests of it.

Like the question if personality changes when you wipe/replace memories.
Have you ever met a person with dementia? Stroke? Amnesia? Yes, we know personality changes (to varying degrees) when memories are destroyed.
Does your personality change when parts of your brain are destroyed/rendered incapable?
Yes, personality can change if parts of the brain are destroyed. We have known this with scientific certainty since the 19th century and speculated on it well before that. The most famous case is Phineas Gage.
If that were true, it would revolutionize the penal system, for example.
There is currently much debate in psychology and law over the line between criminality and mental illness. This is why people can plead "Not guilty due to mental disease or defect."
We don't know because we can't remove
Really? Have you never blacked out due to a night's heavy drinking? Never taken Ambien? Never had anesthetic amnesia?
, replace or insert memories yet.
Yes we can.
But if it turned out that memories do not have an effect on personality, well, shit. Then where would it come from? What if it turned out that recovered Alzheimer patients only lost their memories, but not their personality? We don't know that either because we don't have a cure for Alzheimers yet.
Have you ever met anyone with Alzheimers? Personality changes are one of the major symptoms!

You have made the mistake of assuming that because you don't know something, no one else does.

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