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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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Just outta curiosity... what is the "average Star Trek fan"? Because I see a *lot* of diversity in fandom, here and elsewhere.
The average Star Trek fan is the one who doesn't take this stuff so seriously that they want warning labels on the cover of novels warning them that the novel contains "nuTrek" references.

Maybe we should demand warning labels on all Trek novels that reference other parts of the franchise? That way I can steer clear of all TOS novels that might have a line or two referencing Enterprise.

I think the idea is ludicrous and anyone suggesting it may not have a firm grip on reality.
Hi-C fruit juice approach: "This novel made with 10% real Star Trek!*"
* "Not a significant portion of the recommend daily True Fan intact of Real Star Trek".

We're getting a prime example in this thread why Orci finally, after 4 years of bullshit like this, told online fandom what he really thought of them.
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